Lisa Cook Executive Head teacher

Welcome to the Ad Meliora Trust. The Ad Meliora Academy was formally approved and became independent of the local authority in October 2016. We strive for each of our pupils to achieve their personal best, to foster excellence in learning and to celebrate talents and achievements. Parents and teachers work as partners, ensuring the whole school community encourages pupils to participate, achieve their best, be considerate and supportive of others and value learning. We strive to create a positive, happy and rewarding Academy experience.
The Academy attracts and retains experienced, caring and innovative staff that provide high quality, stimulating and challenging learning opportunities. Ad Meliora pupils consistently perform well compared with national benchmarks for progress.
Lisa Cook, Executive Head Teacher

The underlying principles that underpin our organisation and are evident in our schools are as follows:


    • The majority of children making better than expected progress.
    • Provide children with consistently good or better teaching and providing the best learning opportunities.
    • Provide learning opportunities that recognise the diversity of our learner cohort.
    • A tailored, appropriate and stimulating curriculum which raises children’s aspirations.
    • Effective partnerships to enable children to feel safe and able to learn.
    • Provide a trusting and safe community where restorative approaches are embedded.
    • Provide effective feedback on learning and behaviour across the Academy.
    • Provide targeted 1-1 learning and small group tuition to accelerate progress.
    •  Involve parents/carers and guardians fully in their child’s education and encourage them to be active members of the school community.

    Our current plans to grow the trust are focused on finding schools at a range of stages of their journey towards the judgement of ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ who have similar values and principles to us. We believe that schools joining in this way would reap many benefits from the shared collaboration and would also enhance the capacity of the Trust. Our Trust can demonstrate that we have the skill set to work collaboratively with leaders in school and Academy settings to ensure the best possible educational offer is made to all children.

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    We have a proven record of:

    • accelerated academic school improvement
    • bespoke provision in response to the educational and social context of the setting
    • successful collaboration with other schools and agencies
    • well thought out training, career opportunities and promotion opportunities for our staff
    • experienced and successful school leadership

    Today’s challenging educational climate requires “passionate” commitment to children’s learning and welfare, a culture of managed risk taking and a relentless determination to make a difference to young people’s lives. This is at the core of what we deliver at the Ad Meliora Trust.