What are the key benefits of being in our MAT?

  1. An increased focus on improving educational outcomes for all
  2. Sharing of expertise, resources and joint staff professional development
  3. Greater capacity to grow and develop our own leaders and teachers
  4. Freeing up Heads to focus on the bits that really matter
  5. Improved career progression for talented staff, allowing us to recruit and retain high quality people
  6. Financial savings around procurement due to bulk purchasing of goods and services and sharing of specialist resources
  7. Shared back line support, saving money and providing financial security
  8. Working with other successful schools, experienced and driven school leaders.

What is the process to join our MAT?

Step 1
Register your school’s interest in converting to an academy with our MAT using the DfE’s online form which can be accessed here.
Step 2
Your school starts its consultation with key stakeholders to join our MAT. We will support the school through this process.
Step 3
The Governing Body of your school meet to consider the outcome of the stakeholder consultation. The Governing Body of your school resolve to convert to an academy with our MAT.
Step 4
The Secretary of State approves your school’s proposal to convert to an academy with our MAT and makes an Academy Order.
Step 5
The TUPE consultation process commences. While the Council will lead on the process, our MAT will be happy to support your school through this process.
Step 6
Your School would work closely with our MAT to prepare the legal documentation to convert your School to an academy.
This would involve the following actions on your, and our part:

  • Due Diligence: assisting our MAT in carrying out a finance, property, staffing and commercial audit

Step 7
Our MAT, the Local Authority and the Governing Body of your school enter into the Commercial Transfer Agreement and land documentation.
Step 8
Our MAT and the Secretary of State sign the Supplemental Funding Agreement for your school.
Step 9
Pre-opening actions:

  • We work with your school to ensure that enhanced CRB checks are up-to-date.
  • We work with your school to ensure that financial systems and insurance are in place.

Step 10
Your school opens as an academy within our MAT.
Click here to read our policy about Proposed Management and Governance Structure.