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Visions and Values

Our Vision

Ad Meliora – ‘towards better things’ - to embrace learning, achieve our personal best and build emotional, social and physical well-being.

Our Core Values

Respect and inclusion – We respect one another’s right to safety and dignity; all pupils are welcome in our Trust. We work in partnership with others to meet the needs of our pupils.

Compassion and kindness – We care for one another, are concerned about the suffering of others, and want to act to make a better world.

Cooperation – We want everyone to learn and succeed, and this requires us to work together, compromise, and share, in order to succeed.

High Expectations and excellence – We have high expectations of ourselves and strive for excellence in our curriculum and all other areas

Integrity – We are both honest and driven by a clear moral compass.

Restorative - We take responsibility for our actions and put things right when something has gone wrong.

Courage – We are a Trust that boldly faces challenges and support each other through difficult moments in our learning and life.

Appreciation – We show appreciation for one another whenever possible.

Reflective and embrace change – We are not afraid of change and believe it can be a positive opportunity for creating a better self, Trust, and society.